travis touchdown + coyote smith

this is slowly becoming grasshopper manufacture palette challenge.

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No More Heroes Killer7 Travis Touchdown Coyote Smith Fanart



inverted-mind-inc answered: I’ve played ‘Killer 7’ five times already within just 3 days


I think you need to play more. 



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Killer7 c:

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killer7 camellia smile gif

Trading blows with Suda51 and Grasshopper Manufacture's team of grindhouse action heroes | Features | Edge Online

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article interview suda51


Killer is Dead

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KILLER IS DEAD screenshots grasshopper manufacture xseed games

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flower sun and rain kill the past sumio mondo christine Toriko Kusabi

Killer is Dead

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killer is dead mondo zappa
My name is Ranko Tsukigime. I'm like any other seventeen-year-old girl with the usual issues. Let's just say I went through a lot when I was a kid. But even when I'm lonely and things get tough, it's no biggie. Even when the tears come in the middle of the night... I'm not as weak as people think. In fact, I'm really strong, and I have a plan.

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short peace short peace: ranko tsukigime's longest day ranko tsukigime Flower Sun and Rain Killer7 Sumio Mondo Catherine Harman Smith Samantha Sitbon Garcian Smith Toriko Kusabi Christina Suda51 Grasshopper Manufacture
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The Silver Case Flower Sun and Rain Sumio Kodai Sumio Mondo Suda51 Grasshopper Manufacture Kill the Past Fanart